I can’t believe how long it has been since my last post. There’s been so much going on. Things I wanted to talk about; good things. And then there was the body that simply slowed down on me. Said stop. And gave in to the chronic pain condition that is also my life.

reading Kinfolk late at night

I am not my my illness. I try not to give it too much attention. I try not to feed it. But lately it has been a very big part of my life. As it has on and off for the past ten years, I might add. So no need to be alarmed.

Sometimes I have trouble sleeping. Lately it has been like every single cell in my body squirms and wiggles like only tiny movement can keep the pain from taking over. I try to focus on something else on my sleepless nights.

Sometimes I can’t.

But sometimes, like this beautiful night a few days after New Year’s I climb down the stairs and sit on the bench at the kitchen table. I read. I drink soothing teas and listen to the muffled sounds of my tribe sleeping above me.

night reading New Year's

New Year's reading Kinfolk

That night I loved Kinfolk for taking my minds of things. and for the beautiful imagery and amazing stories.

Buy Kinfolk here

Visit Kinfolk here – they have an amazing website. You can shop through them too.