Re-blog from a few seasons back on my old blog. The tiny origami stars are still cute and easy, though.

Before Christmas I made a bunch of tiny lucky stars with the girls. They are a little over 1 cm in diameter and they are fun to make and super cute in the window sill or on the new years eve table. Furthermore they are super easy to make and super addictive! And if you make them from scraps of used gift-wrapping paper like we did they are highly sustainable too.

My girls were 8 and 10 years old when we made them, and they got the hang of folding these small beauties pretty quick. The puffing part, where you squeeze the sides to make them three-dimensional and make them pop is a bit more tricky. You’ll need some patience, not too short nails and a bit of practice but they got pretty good at it – even better than me with my clumsy grown-up fingers.

You’ll need strips that are 1 cm wide and somewhere between 20 and 30 cm long. You’ll need paper that is not too thick. We found that gift-wrapping paper was perfect and ordinary writing paper a bit too thick.

I found this useful video on youtube that runs you through the process. There’s no speak – it’s sort of self-explanatory so mute the video and listen to lullatone instead! The music is made by a Japanese husband and wife team called lullatone. Soundtracks for everyday adventures – what’s not to like! They make the best lullabies and music for children too. Check out their blog here