This morning my instagram was overflowing with images of flaming pink skies over Copenhagen. The colours were sensational as I got up and came downstairs. And at first I did what every one else did; reached for my Iphone and started snapping away. But then I saw my real camera sitting there on the kitchen counter.

Urban sunrise. Light over the cityscape of Vesterbro, Copenhagen

(click on the photos to take a closer look and flick through them)

Urban sunrise seen through windows with chimneys against the peach sky

Sunrise overe Vesterbro, Copenhagen. Citylights and dark silhouettes.

Flaming sky seen through windows. Urban silhouette and chimneys

Urban morning unfolding. Lights and darkness and a dramatic sky

Blurred pink sky through window

I still think my trusted Nikon, no filter, beats Iphone and filters. But at the end of the day, the best camera is the one that’s there.

What’s your favourite camera?