A while back I got to know this fine woman. She’s a young Danish artist currently living in Berlin. A hundred pictures ago she started an amazing ongoing instagram series portraying the somewhat emotionally detached couple Barbie and Ken and their yearnings, longings and observations in the big city.

© Marie Suppli Lundquist

Happy 100’th to you Marie, and to your two tireless verfremdungs-explorers! The doll pictures are amazing and viewed as a series they are funny, quirky, touching, and thought provoking. Maries doll pictures are here – here’s one of my favorites!

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So having followed Marie’s doll project, I felt sorry for Barbie and Ken. I thought they needed a vacation. They needed to unwind and connect with people. So Barbie bleached her hair and went to camp with us (unfortunately Ken couldn’t make it as he had been drowned in a makeshift garden pond by my little nephew).

I give you:

Barbie goes on vacation – a tribute to Marie Suppli Lundquist!