Barbie usually lives in Berlin with über talented artist Marie Suppli Lundquist.
My partner at ‘Nordic Friday’ and I had the good fortune to work with her on her website, business and concept this summer.
When I went away on vacation with my family I decided to take Barbie out for a treat. It was nowhere near as exiting as what she usually experiences in Berlin.

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I have been inspired and highly entertained by Artist Marie Suppli Lundquist’s doll project. And I felt Barbie needed a vacation this summer.

Barbie goes on vacation – a tribute to Marie Suppli Lundquist

Barbie tried to chat up my man. He didn’t think she was all that.

She didn’t really impress this guy either – though he lingered in the background for quite a while.

Barbie wasn’t sure about making fires and toasting marshmallows. She was a bit intimidated by the great outdoors.

She hid behind the tent, afraid to approach the girls and ask if she could join them. She had rejection issues.

She awkwardly waved at one of the girls. She didn’t seem to notice.

Barbie didn’t know the game they played anyway. She couldn’t care less, she thought.

But then they all saw her!

She felt like the coolest, most popular girl around.

Pop on over to instagram and look up @mariesupplilundquist to see what Barbie’s redhead sister is up in Berlin. Don’t forget – it’s way more cool than this little outing.