swim or sink

It’s swim or sink at the moment around here. Pretty much a matter of surviving the insane maelstrom of events that are this new life.

New life in the modern patchwork family. New school for the girls. New city, new place. It’s OK. It’s all OK. I just feel overwhelmed sometimes.

So I swim. And most days swimming means barely getting by. Spending hours in Copenhagen traffic to pick up kids, endless amounts of packed lunches, one after another, cooking, packing school bags, comforting nervous kids and cheering on happy ones. I am endlessly grateful that I am not in this circus alone (so thank you, my sweetheart for everything you do to make things run more smoothly).

We chose it. I love it. But it’s just insanely hard this year.

Which is why I did the only sane thing I could do a few days ago; got a haircut! It seem like haircuts are my go-to transition ritual. I am not really a hair-girl. I often forget to book an appointment for a haircut and a dye in time. I postpone it for months. I grow roots and grays like a madwoman without really noticing. And then, when everything around me changes, I need to manifest that change in my hairstyle.

I went to a new salon this time. I have to admit I went there, not by recommendation but simply because I felt drawn to the quirky, eclectic interior. Because I thought it looked so cosy and welcoming when I walked by. The salon is called ‘Neverwhere‘ and is on Vesterbro, Copenhagen.

eclectic hairdresser's with red chairs Eclectic interior with blue chairs

salon Neverwhere

The haircut is great – the best I have had for a long time. And Nicholas who did it was absolutely delightful. He immediately ‘got’ me and managed to dye my hair in the perfect shade and cut it in a style that makes sense. It’s the right amount of copper but darker chestnut than usual. Now I feel ready to take on all the change and challenge.

stine holm weirsoe
How about you? Any favourite transition rituals?