All this dates back in June. I can’t believe I am so very far behind on posting. It’s not that nothing ever happens around here, au contraire!

This little, beautiful baby cousin was born in to the family. Her name is Carla. My youngest sister had her second child. She’s adorable and I can’t wait to spend the weekend with her, her brother and her mother. If you’re not really into babies you can scroll down to see the world’s easiest gift-wrapping idea that I threw together when we went to see her for the first time on that fine June day. That’s pretty marvellous too!

Baby girl with her big cousin

big girl little girl

proud auntie and brother

When the girls and I went to see her 5 days after she was born we brought presents for her and for her big brother Felix who is three.

We wrapped in colour-coded magazine pages, trimmed with Washi tape and decorated with neon dots. Easy-peasy!

giftwrapping with magazine pages, neon dots and masking tape

magazine pages used as gift wrapper for a boy's present.

pretty giftwrapping with magazines for a girl


All you need is:

  • a few pages from a glossy magazine
  • a stapler
  • masking tape to your liking
  • neon dots or other stickers

Staple two pages together, place your gift inside, close and trim with masking tape.

Sprinkle with an abundance of neon dots. You’re good to go!