At the moment it is all about striking the balance around here.

family life around the kitchentable and a bowl of mango icecream

Striking the balance between chaos and bliss. Projects and unpacking. Jobs and time off spent with the kids. Between getting enough rest and getting enough done.

girl eating mango icecream

The kids and I organized and cleaned this Sunday. And took a break with a well-deserved bowl of ice cream.

Luckily the kids adore each other – not a given in a new family! I feel blessed and grateful when I see them together and hear them laugh and play. The girls are so sweet to their new ‘brother’ and miss him when he’s not here and they are. After less than a year it feels like we belong together.

We have a huge whiteboard in the living room left behind by the former owners. The kids think it is fun.

Johanne wrote up this add : kids for sale

It says:

I (Johanne) cost [insert ridiculous amount of money] If you want to buy me you’ll have to take my sister aswell ’cause I can’t live without her. She costs [little less but still a lot]. If you want to buy her for the amount I cost you’ll still have to take me for the amount she costs. But if you buy us both you’ll have to take my brother too. I can’t live without him either. He costs [insert a large amount here – less, but still a lot]

Priceless, if you ask me!