A storm warning with lots of snow has been issued for Denmark and southern Sweden. That just made me dream of summer and pull out some beautiful shots from a warm summer that seems like forever ago. This morning when I got up there was only a thin layer of snow. How’s that for a blizzard!

If you do end up cooped up in the house due to heaps of snow, I wrote up another guest post over at the IKEA live blog – about making superheroes and pizzas. Both are activities perfect for a snowy afternoon. I also made a new freebie for you: downloadable images for your facebook and you desktop.

Just in case you need summer as bad as I do!

pink Dahlias in vintage vase

Pink and purple dahlias in vintage vase on kitchen chair

dahlias in retro vintage vase

When I edited these summer shots of a bouquet of dahlias in a vintage retro vase today,  I got a sweet sting of summer melancholia.

Made a cover photo for facebook too (and made a wallpaper image too – just in case), to let everyone know where I was at!

Feel free to download it for your own computer and facebook – just click on the links above.


Have a beautiful, snowy or springy day where ever you are.