moving boxes

Moving again – much happier than last time!

I have moved a lot in my lifetime. Like, a lot! Last time I moved was two years ago. I moved within the city limits of Malmö, and back then I had big dreams of moving green. But back then it wasn’t entirely possible.

I used a small local firm and they were great but had I had the choice I would have loved to move by bike!

Given the fact that I am now moving across the bridge to Copenhagen with a lot of stuff, I only get to enjoy the thought of green alternatives being available for some moves.

So that’s one brilliant way to move green; move by bike! They have special built carriages that can load 300 kg, they can access almost anywhere which makes it easier to move and it looks a whole lot more fun than the standard moving truck!

I’m not going to use them – not because I don’t want to, but because I am moving across the bridge to Copenhagen – and no bikes are allowed on the freeway! They’d also have to call in all their friends to move the amount of stuff I have. But still…

They are located in Malmö. I hope (and think) that something similar is popping up around the big cities of the world.

Green moving boxes

Another way to green-ify your move is to rent reusable plastic boxes instead of cardboard boxes. I know boxes like these is available in big cities across the States. And in Malmö.

Again, I’m not going to use them. Not that I don’t want to but I am moving to Copenhagen – another city, another country! But cudos for making it happen here in Malmö.


Movebybike (Swedish)

Gröna Flyttlådan (Swedish)