I saw the film about Marina Abramovic a while back and it had such a powerful impact on me at that time. It is beautiful and it takes the viewer on a journey into the work of performance artist Marina Abramovic as she prepares her retrospective exhibition at MoMA. I enjoyed it and then I didn’t think about it for a while.

Today the story of Marina Abramovic surfaced on a friends facebook and again I was taken aback with the intensity of the moment shared between former lovers and friends Marina Abramovic and Ulay as they sit silently in front of one another after many years of separation.

During the seventies they travelled the world in a minivan making art and art performances and as the felt their relationship had run it’s course, they walked the Great Wall of China, each from one end, to meet in the middle in one last embrace. They parted ways and did not see each other again. Until that moment during ‘The Artist Is Present’.

It’s IWD – International Women’s Day today. Let’s not talk about fighting and oppression. Let’s talk about love and liberation.

You can read more about the exhibition and the work on the film’s website.

Via Zen Garage