I had it all mapped out this morning. I finished a blog post for the IKEA live blog that will go live some time next week I guess. And I had the firm intention to share a few words about making and baking your own perfect pizza.

Crisp perfect homemade pizza

You’ll have to wait a bit for that. Because instead I have been all giddy about going to Copenhagen and signing the paperwork for an apartment I and my love is about to buy. Honestly, I can’t  think about anything else.

Which is why I found myself wandering off on the internet. And I reconnected with Sarah Kay and her amazing talk on Ted on poetry. It starts with her own poem ‘Should I Have a Daughter’.
It’s powerful. Watch the first three and a half minutes – or the entire talk is you like. But the first part, her poem, makes me weep a bit. Every time…..

Should I Have a Daughter