Around here, that is. And it’s quiet here because my life is pretty loud at the moment. Here’s a bit of what is going on + a touristy gallery of snaps from my trip to Stockholm.

I have sold my home.

I am looking to buy a new one. In one month I am moving.

I have begun my career as guest blogger on IKEA family live blog.

I have launched a new company with a friend and colleague, focusing on  visual storytelling, marketing and visual merchandising for small companies and shops. It’s called ‘Lej en kreativ’ (rent a creative in Danish) and we’re stoked to have gone from vague idea to launched business/website in a few weeks.

And this weekend I went on a surprise road trip with my love to Stockholm. (Scroll down for the full touristy gallery.) He had arranged everything and I got to stay at the fabulous Story Hotel where I have been wanting to stay for a very long time. It was the last part of my birthday present and I was given no indications of where we were going or what we were doing until we sat in the car. It was fabulous.

A 7 hour drive to mull over the apartment we are hoping to close a deal on – and the possibility of not getting it and having to find somewhere else. Arriving at the hotel late Friday and sleeping in the most charming and quaint room with a bathroom behind a glass wall right next to the bed. And a day of touristy strolling in town under a bright blue sky. It was cold but beautiful. Then back to the hotel, the tub and some champagne, lots of laughs and a bit of smooching. A beautiful late breakfast buffet and of to the museum of photography ‘Fotografiska‘ where we saw an amazing David LaChapelle exhibition, Burning Beauty. Lots of window shopping and a bit of real shopping. I bought books. On photography. A final walk in Söder or SoFo and back to the car in the afternoon and heading back to Copenhagen.

I couldn’t ask for more!

Click on the images for the full tour and all the details.