What a glorious morning! I’m seeing some new faces here. Welcome! If you’re here for the first time – maybe even visiting from the IKEA magazine website, I bid you good day and welcome. And for you I have written up this little post about the odds and ends of lula’s bazaar.

Relaxin a moment before the IKEA Live team came

Relaxing a moment before the IKEA Live team came. Yeah, I’m very relaxed like that…..

We did the story last July. This photo is from the day before. And though it is true that I generally am pretty laid-back I was also walking on clouds, fresh in love and all!

A few days before the shot I did some last minute preparations. See if you can spot where these went in the article. You can see the full length print article here.

costumizing furniture with vintage wallpaper

You can see the online home story on IKEA Magazine

Macaroons, pink and blueHave some macaroons and a cup of tea and take a look around. You might like to see how my kitchen has evolved or how to turn an IKEA cushion into a very cool customized piece for the contemporary home (I did that for the article in IKEA Live) or three different stylings of my living room. You might also be interested in the story behind my orange smeg fridge and the colour scale of my kitchen.

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