Hello Monday morning! I’m checking in after a wonderful weekend full of projects and planning for the future. I am moving. Again! And I can’t wait. I long to create a new home with my new family of three (me and the girls) + two (him and the boy). The only catch is that I have to sell my old place to make way for something new.

colourful bohemian kitchen add in the paper showing my colourful kitchen DSC_0006

It was in the paper and it looked great. The add was showing more homes than mine but my colourful kitchen stood out and the add even was colour coordinated so it looked like my colourful vintage wallpaper patchwork backdrop was the star of the show. I am most pleased!

My colourful kitchen on http://www.bolaget.se

Selling this little gem also means letting go of a lot of past and baggage tightly connected to this home. And even if it is something I look forward to and have initiated myself, it is also an emotional roller-coaster ride. I am finally letting go of the hope that I could stay here for the girls’ sake after splitting up with their father 4 1/2 years ago. I am letting go of all the hard work I have put into making this a beautiful and nourishing home. I mean, just take a look at how my kitchen has developed here!  I am also letting go of the feeling of being all alone in this.

I feel so grateful and blessed that I have someone in my life who has the strength, wisdom and compassion to stand by my side and see me through this. I feel grateful for love.

And I also feel grateful for the creativity that lives inside me. Because a major life change such as this always makes me go: ‘yeah, and what if…….. ‘

It releases my dreams and my curiosity about the future. It makes me jot down proverbial lists of what I long for in my future home.

Like a view of something green, a creative vibe in the neighbourhood, room for 3 kids and a dog, a bathtub, a place we can put our own stamp on, light flowing through the windows, a kitchen space that makes us want to cook and eat well, open-plan living space with room for creativity and crafting, wooden floors, exposed beams, a utility room in the apartment, not too many stairs (1st-3rd floor would be ideal), an urban beat…….

This weekend we made a wish list of all the material things we would like to have. All the nice-to-have stuff that sometimes clog up your creative flow. And seeing that list on paper was immediately action inducing. I wanted an expensive perfume that I have been craving for a long time. But instead of craving and holding onto the fact that I couldn’t afford it I have now ordered samples. Because samples will go a long way.

So I guess that if you look, really look, at what you want the looking will make different paths appear before your eyes.

What do you want?