It’s friday DIY!

pink sequined glitter glasses

For this one I just wanted to go all the way and bring you a colour boost to get you through the weekend. You could easily make these glitter glasses with your kids for Mardi Gras or “fastelavn” as we call it in Denmark. You could wear them for a masquerade. Or simply put them on when doing tedious chores like grocery shopping or laundry. They’re perfect for laundry day!

Another option is to rock them out on the town, of course. Perfect for an infusion of bravery and boldness. These ones were made for a celebrity theme party my oldest daughter hosted. Ulrikke, who is nine, made them by herself. But they’re so easy to make that you can make them with younger kids too. Scroll down for the how-to tutorial.

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Here’s how to make cool glitter glasses:

Glitter glasses

Materials needed:

  • old glasses with no lenses (we used a pair of 3D-glasses from our last trip to the cinema)
  • glitter and sequins
  • glue – any waterbased “school-type” glue will do the trick
  • baking paper or grease-proof paper
  • a pencil

Trace the shape of the frames onto a sheet of baking paper. Draw a pointy shape off the corners of the frames (see below). Put a generous amount of glue inside the lines. Sprinkle with loads of glitter and sequins. Gently dab on them to make them stick if needed.

glitterglasses diy

Leave flat to dry completely – over night will do.

glitter glasses diy

diy glitter glasses how-toGently peel off the glitter glass shape from the paper.

glitter glasses diy

Glue the glitter onto the frames. Leave to dry (usually it takes 1-2 hours).

glitter glasses diy done

Now rock it!