I had to call in sick today. As a self-employed creative worker it might not seem to be that big a deal. But I’m currently working on a project that makes me all giddy and happy with a dear friend and colleague and missing out on office time with her is sort of a big deal. Today my body told me to stay put, though!

Fortunately I have the luxury of being able to set up shop practically where I want to. In bed, for instance!

colourful office in bed

Sometimes it gets like that; I get all feverish and sad and tired. Usually that’s a signal to tell me that too much has been going on in my mind for too long. It’s a stop sign, a warning bell. And today I LISTENED. And stayed put.

I feel better already. Perhaps it was this weekend’s unwinding and relaxing that made me realise that that was exactly what I needed.

pizzas, hama beads and superheroes

My weekend was full of a whole bunch of sweet nothing – and that was everything! Nothing like pizza baking, play, food, driving kids to and from play dates (I took time off from that too and sent someone else), the youngest not getting out of his pyjamas all day, superheroes and Hama beads. Thanks for the weekend bliss. I needed it!

Sometimes it is a challenge to remember not to have plans. There are loads of possibilities around, things to see, places to go. And sometimes the secret is to say ‘no thanks’. And to stay put!

When was the last time you did that?