It is somewhat challenging. Overcoming the constant change of pace in my life. The living without the kids every second week because they’re at their dad’s. And living without my love the opposite weeks because he’s at his place with his son while I’m here with my girls.

That’s why I invented colour me Mondays. I have decided that Monday should be all about colour. There’s always something to look forward to; not just something to miss and feel sad about. And today I look forward to seeing the girls again.

case for iPhone with girl holding butterfly in hands

I began this colour me Monday with opening my new shop at society6. I have decided to put my colourful photos to good use and turn a few of them into iPhone cases, laptop skins and other fine stuff. I have had requests and it’s about time. My thought is that I will update on Mondays with new photos. I do take requests too. Which photo would you like to see make the journey from my flickr photostream onto iPhones, iPads or canvases? Here’s the one I have put up today, available as a mini art print, iPhone case or iPhone skin.


I chose this one as my first image since it is one of my favourites so far. I shot it on a hot summer’s afternoon with my daughter sporting a new dress that I had made for my now closed shop, She was happy. I was happy. The retro patterns of the dress and the backdrop played beautifully together.

All of a sudden she spotted a white butterfly fluttering in the corner. She picked it up and held it gently in her little 4-year old hands and as she opened her hands to show me, I snapped away.

It was a lucky shot, the first of many. I don’t call it luck any more, though.

I call it eye, attention, work and gift.

She was four back then now she’s going on 12! This image has somehow stayed with me through all those years. When I see it I instantly zone in on my mission statement and I know what I do! And inside of me flutters a silent and strong “thank you”. For all that I’ve been given.

There was something else that resonated deeply with me this morning as I took a tiny stroll out on the internet. And that was the story of “The Girl With the Seven Horses” by Swedish artist Ulrika Kestere.

Found via yellowtrace