I woke up a few days ago, 41 years old. For the first time in my life. And lying there, with the low and excited whispers from the kids in the kitchen, I felt that I am exactly where I want to be. On the brink of something new and exiting. With a beautiful life ahead of me, full of promise and possibility and new beginnings. And a well-lived, well-worn life behind me, full of experiences that made me who I am. And with that feeling; who needs new-year’s resolutions?

Cardamom infused coffee

All I need is a steaming hot cup of cardamom infused espresso coffee to tap into that feeling; the feeling of a new day full of promise.

Green smoothie with parsley and dates

And a green smoothie with parsley and dates to remind me of my own power and as a gentle push towards making healthy and empowered choices for this year.

For a long while last winter that was how I started my day. And then the ritual slowly slipped through my hands and I got pre-occupied with other things in the morning. Like getting the kids ready. Giving in to the “jeeeez, not another day-feeling”. Making way for doubts and sadness and a general feeling of being lost in the woods.

Now I am back on track. More me than ever. If I have one resolution for this year it’s got be this: to stay true to myself. And to truly shine.

On one of the last days of the year I started the desire map to try to create a solid foundation for finding out what I want the most in life and how to let my life be full of how I want to feel instead of what I want to achieve. I am happy and grateful for this process and for the fact that my man is with me on this and taking some of the same steps towards creating a life that makes both of us feel the way we love to feel.

One thing that I know I need is to give myself some loving attention on an everyday basis. My morning coffee and my green smoothie is just that; edible and drinkable TLC.

Maintaining a morning ritual that makes you feel strong and happy and healthy pays back. In return you’ll feel your aspirations nurtured, your spirit elevated and your hopes strong enough to get you through the humdrum of every-day life. It could be as simple as this: eating something that makes you feel good in the morning. Sipping your coffee slowly and giving yourself the time to appreciate the taste and scent of the fresh brew.

Are there any morning rituals in your life that need to be picked up again or tried out? New habits that could make your day brighter from the beginning?