Welcome new, shiny, happy year. I look forward to getting to know you. For me it’s double the joy since tomorrow is my birthday and I like the feeling of starting fresh. This year I think I will indulge in my guilty pleasures more. Perfect New-years resolution in my book.

Lula and Frankie Magazine

One of my guilty pleasures is glossy magazines. I rarely buy them and sometimes I feel empty after reading, like excessive intake of empty calories. But these two ladies never left me feeling empty, shallow or restless with guilt over spending time with them. And Lula and Frankie Magazine arrived just in time for my birthday! I ordered just before Christmas, and yesterday they were sitting in my mailbox waiting for me to flick through them, enjoy and dig deeper. Perfect treat for my 41st tomorrow!

Lula, British Fashion Magazine

Spread from Lula

Frankie Magazine and Lula

Other than flicking through glossy magazines, I’m going to kick back and relax tomorrow. Have a cuddle with the kids and my man. Celebrate and contemplate. That’s what I want for my birthday!

That and some food. Though truth be told I’m still full after an exquisite New-years Eve menu. There has never been any guilt involved in that pleasure. Just pure bliss and joy. What about you? Guilty pleasures and resolutions?

Happy, happy New Year!