Sometimes you’re allocated something extra. Like kisses, space or time. This year it feels like there’s a little bit of extra time on our hands. It’s Christmas eve on a Monday, leaving a whole long weekend for Christmas preparations and taking things a bit more slowly than usual before Christmas.

There’s a snowstorm across the country on this last day before Christmas and on the radio they tell people to stay at home if they can because of the conditions on the roads. Tomorrow the snow will be gone again. It’s Danish Christmas.

If you have the same feeling; you’re on top of things and making way through the list of Christmas preparations and have some extra time on your hands, it might be time for a new family tradition. Because I’m merging my little family with my man’s little family, thus becoming a family of five, we decided to make our own family Christmas tradition. The themed family Christmas/New Year’s portrait.

Our theme was well-behaved and polite with a bit stiff and retro 1950’s or 60’s feel. We tried to go for a humoristic take on who we are (not) as a family and as people and we also wanted to spin a little ironic end on our incredibly happy love-story that has unfolded throughout the last half of this year.Retro family portrait

We (i.e. I) had big plans about props and backdrops and make-up and hair-dos but reality kicked our butts. My camera stopped working just as I had set it up for the shoot. The plan was to make a shot of the five of us + the dog – that plan had to be abandoned because we had to switch to iPhone instead of fancy-schmancy camera. And the afore mentioned preparations around the shoot had to be skipped too because of a sick kid and a collapsed schedule.

Nothing went exactly as planned. One kid was sulking. We turned that into a game and told the kids to sulk and look not at all pleased with the situation. They rocked that. There was no way I could set up the shot on my iPhone on self-timer (I know there’s an app for it, self timer ex.) since I had no time to research and find that app just then. Instead we had to make 1 parent 3 kids-shots. We used Hipstamatic to skip the editing process and rule out the fact that not everyone in the family is a great photographer. Using a preset lens and film combination, one of my favourites, gave the shots a uniform look though shot by two different people. We used the Loftus lens and the Ina’s 1935 film and no flash.

We had to ditch a lot of ideas but we got one set of shots that was incredibly funny; the mister and the kids-shots. He doesn’t look like that. The pipe is a prop and the styling is according to our theme. But the emotions and the ambiance the image conveys is genuinely us. We had a blast! And even if the rest of the world might not get the joke of it, we do. And we’ll never forget this first family portrait photo shoot.

Retro family portrait

I love his surprised look on the first one and the lines in the second. And because I know how he is and know how we are together, I can’t help but laugh when I look at these photos. And I love him for doing this with me!

family portrait

We wish you a very merry Christmas!

Lots of love to all,