necklace made from toy lamb

Do you need an easy idea for a gift for a girl that only involves things you probably already have at home? That can be made in ten minutes? That your kids can make? I give you the “Last Minute DIY Tutorial For Gifts For Girls”

The kids and I like to add a little handmade flavour to our Christmas gifts. Here’s one of our very easy projects made from old toy animals.

All you need is:

  • toy animal
  • little eyelet (if you don’t have one you can easily make one out of double metal wire)
  • string or jewellery chain
  • glue (we used superglue – not intended for kids so you’ll need to help the kids with the glueing part)

Optional: A glass of glögg or mulled wine for the adults. (Big, Scandinavian tradition. I prefer the white version and also add almonds and raisins the Scandinavian way), Christmas music on the stereo and loads of good stuff to munch on.

Scroll down for the “But I Don’t Have – List”

Toy horse necklace

toy lion cub necklace

toy lamb necklaceHow to:

Make a little hole in the back of the chosen animal with a small, sharp object like a nail or a screw or use a small awl if you have it. Put a drop of glue in the hole and mount the eyelet in the hole. Leave to dry.

Tips: Make your own eyelet with double metal wire. make an eye around a small object like a bamboo skewer, twist the ends a few turns and cut away excess metal wire.

Balance the animal when mounting the eyelet. Put it somewhere close to the centre of the animal in terms of weight; you’ll want it to hang relatively straight and level.

Make sure to mount the eye the right way: you’ll want it oriented the way you see on the photo below because you’ll want your animal pendant to hang sideways.

how to mount eyelet in back of toy pony necklace

Attach the desired type of string or chain. Make a closure, a knot, a sliding knot or whatever tickles your fancy. Finished!

Now all you have to do is wrap it in colourful paper or in a cellophane bag with confetti and a few dotted stickers

This is basically a no-shopping DIY idea for an easy gift for a child in your life. It’s also something your child can make as a  Christmas gift, birthday gift, a friendship gift or a mother’s day gift. It’s also a crafting idea that is easy to twist in different directions.

Here are three ideas:

Three ways to twist it:

We kept the animals “au natural” but you can also make really cool necklaces is you dip the animal in paint or spray paint it. This is good for older children/teenagers and makes for a more contemporary and fun look.

Instead of a necklace you can make fridge magnets with plastic toy animals. You may need to cut away some of the backside to have a flat surface to glue the magnet on. Use superglue for a durable result or hot glue gun for an easy way to do it.

Turn the animals into knobs or handles by drilling a shallow hole in the side of an animal, glue a flat headed screw in the hole and mount it on the wall as a hanger or on a little chest of drawers as a handle.

The “But I Don’t Have-List”

  • animals? Use another small toy that looks cute.
  • an eyelet? Make one out of metal wire or strip an old key chain or pendant for a necklace you don’t use any more.
  • glue? Skip the eyelet and glue part and tie the string around the animals neck. Make sure to tie the knots securely so it doesn’t fall apart.
  • jewellery chain? Use string, leather cord or cotton or silk yarn instead.
  • time? Make time! It’s only ten minutes and your kids will love it! Or save the idea for later.

Stay tuned for an easy idea for a last minute DIY gift for boys. Hint: It includes plastic animal toys as well!