Some days I really love working from home. Those are the days when I remember to appreciate the small things.
Like sitting quietly with a coffee and my note books preparing and planning my day.
Like getting out of bed all happy and warm, snuggling up in my pyjamas and letting the day in sound by sound.
Like cherishing the happy welcome I get from the dog when she sees I am awake.
Like taking a moment to feel deep inside what really needs to be done and said and written about.
Today I will work on a project I am on with a friend and playmate. She also is a female entrepreneur and we are working on ways to share our expertise in the field of visual branding. And I will write up something about the gift of being spontaneous and open to possibilities when they present themselves to you. And maybe a little weekend DIY?

Thus having finished my morning contemplation here at the home office, it is time to take the dog out for a walk. She will sniff and smell all the scents dogs love and I will take in the cool winter air and enjoy the squeaking sound the snow makes when you tread where no one has stepped before. That sound is the sort of sound that has a very bodily tangible quality. It’s the sort of sound you feel in every cell.
My morning with it’s contemplating and planning and being present has been excellent so far. How has your’s been?