White paper star lantern in window

An easy peasy dots DIY and an amazing Kusama dotted stickers installation (video) as an added bonus!

I thought I’d bring some Christmas spirit to my man’s humble abode. It’s the easiest DIY project, this one, and I have included a shopping list if you need anything to pull this one of. I stuck some dot stickers on a big 9 point paper star lantern and now it looks amazing in the living room window.

At home I don’t do much Christmas decoration. Somehow I don’t feel a great need for it, my home being so colourful as it is already. But I have a thing for the shining paper star lanterns you see everywhere in Sweden. I decided to buy one to take home for our Copenhagen window. I picked out a pretty white one with an irregular pattern of punched out holes. Before I hung it I added a random pattern of dotted stickers. Easy peasy! (scroll down for shopping list).

White paper star with red dots in window

red dotted paper star lantern

Neon dot stickersShopping list:

Paper lantern: Paper Lantern 9 Point Snow Star

mini lanterns for LED lights: Set Of 10 Mini Star Paper Lanterns For Fairy Lights

Wide variety of dot stickers: multi coloured dot stickers

I have included links to ordering on-line. Your order might not make it in time for Christmas. There are to ways to deal with that: 1) Order anyway and do the sticky project when it arrives – it doesn’t look at all “Christmas-y” so you can leave it to glow and bring light all through the dark months of winter (that’s how I like to do) OR 2) see if you can find the things you need in a shop near you.

Have fun with it.

Oh, and don’t forget, you can stick dots onto almost anything!

Dot stickers neon