It’s the thought that counts. That’s what they say about gift giving. I second that. It is. But sometimes the wrapping and the execution makes the thought stand out even more. So here’s an idea: make a surprise ball!

Surprise balls are quirky, beautifully wrapped little bits and trinkets and they are loads of fun to open. I made three for the kids for our first Christmas celebration this weekend. (Yeah, we started this weekend – the blessing of being a divorcé and setting up family with a new man with a child. We simply have to start early this year to make it happen.)

surprise balls

The surprise balls are easy to make. You’ll need a bunch of little things like small toys, candy, stickers and such. You’ll need a roundish thing to start with and then all there is to it is to wrap streamers of crêpe paper around it.

Toys and trinkets for a surprise ball

colourful crepe paper for surprise ballsThe surprise balls are fun to make. It might take a bit of practise to get the hang of it, but after doing just one you’ll know how to hold and tuck to get the best round shape. It’ll take about an hour to make one, so make sure to have your Christmas playlist on and a cup of tea within reach.