It’s only the fourth of December yet. Plenty of time to get that creative, innovative and rocking DIY crafty-goddess you have hidden somewhere inside, out! Or maybe not.

If you are anything like me you might not have it all together yet, the calendar making, I mean. There were other things to take care of. And now we’re well into December. But if you need a quick idea I found this great post with 5 easy, simple and natural ways to whip up and advent calendar.

I like them all. And I can’t help but dreaming up ways to add that little colour touch to them – and that’s the beauty of a clean and simple start. Imagine how some dot stickers, a strip or two of washi tape (hop on over to and be prepared to drool) or some lengths of coloured string could take these projects to the next level.

Or, you could just leave them exactly as is and enjoy their pristine look and calm and soothing appearance.

My favourite is the branch!  Maybe because it taps into what I did with my branch last year.