Textile pens for a DIY Decor project with an IKEA cushion

December is on! And if you want to go all handmade on your gifts it might be a good idea to plan a little ahead.

Here’s an easy no-sew  idea for a cool, colourful gift for someone who like – or need – a splash of contemporary colour happiness in their living room. A hand coloured cushion! It requires no sewing skills, no in-depth knowledge of obscure crafting techniques, no sharp tools and anyone can do it. And make it looks cool too!

All you need is:

Scroll down for 3 tips for the making of this and 3 ways to twist it.

Hand colour an IKEA cushion for a cool contemporary look

All you have to do is to make the desired design, heat set it according to the instructions on your markers, gift warp it and tick that best friend, cool mum or wonderful sister off of your gift list.

3 tips for the process:

3 tips for making a hand-coloured IKEA cushion:

Choose your colour scheme before you start. For the most stylish look you’ll need 3-4 colours; 2 that complement each other (are close to each other) and 1-2 that contrast. For the stylish version I went for purple and pink as complementing colours and yellow for contrast.

Experiment with only colouring parts of the pattern. Often it looks more contemporary.

Try filling in the spaces in the pattern with other repeated patterns like spots, dots, waves or lines.

And if you want to freestyle with your design, here’s a few twist you can add:

3 ways to twist it:

Use the same technique on other textiles like kitchen towels, fabric napkins or t-shirts.

Go BIG and do a tablecloth, curtain or duvet cover.

Make a DIY-kit for your crafty girlfriend with all the materials and wrap it beautifully. You can also include an invitation to a crafty afternoon with you.

Have fun – and merry Christmas!

make a DIY cushion cover with an ikea cushion cover and some textile pens