It’s December 1st  tomorrow.  And sometimes it seems as though the whole world get it and I don’t; the Christmas spirit.

However, I did something last year that was an instant fix for lack of Christmas spirit. And it was easy too! So, without further ado I give you…… The Christmas Branch! Actually I liked this idea so much that once it was up in my kitchen window it never left again. So here’s how to turn a simple and modest ol’ dry branch into a stylish dwelling for your favourite Christmas baubles. You might want to get that christmas playlist going right away! (Scroll down to second step of the tutorial to find it.)

Dry branch on white floor


Christmas DIY pimp your windows

You’ll need:

1 dry branch to fit your window

white interior paint or hobby paint, semi gloss

brush with tough bristles


coloured string

large wooden beads

Here’s how:

branch ready to paint


Prepare your branch. Dry scrub it with a brush with rough, stiff bristles to rub of dirt, dry bark and moss.

If you skip this step you’ll get a more rustic look but you might have trouble getting your paint to stick.

An alternative way to get a clean surface is to roughly sand it. That will get rid of most of the loose bits and make a surface onto which your paint will gladly stick.

branch painted white for christmas decoration


Time for that great lick of paint. Dip the paintbrush and paint like crazy. You’ll most likely need to dip at a lot, since you’ll have to give 2-3 coats of paint to get that glossy sheen to it.

That means you’ll also have to wait a bit. Read a story to your kids. Or dance around to this Christmas playlist I made:
tie the branch


Find your string. I used a multitude of coloured cotton yarn in pink and purple. I guess with cotton yarn you’ll need at least 6 strands to make it durable. Leave a long end – you’ll need that later when you attach the beads – and tie the string around the end of the branch. Wrap it around the branch to the desired width. I think 5-10 cm is pretty pretty! Secure with a good old knot or two and cut the rest of the string to desired length depending on how high or low you want the branch in your window.



Decorate with large wooden beads. Secure with a knot on the bottom. Just slide the beads onto the string for the top.

hang the Christmas branch


Go ahead and hang it in your window. Use hooks or screws to hang them from if you hang them inside the window frame. It gets sort of heavy and you don’t want to see it tumble and fall with all your Christmas finest!


Three ways to twist it:

1. Paint in a different colour. Pink, perhaps?

2. Sand after painting to get a rustic, weathered look.

3. Go all monochrome on it and use white paint, black string and silver baubles (or white, black and silver)

Have fun. A bit of Christmas spirit from me to you!