I’ve been keeping this a secret for a while – 4 months to be exact! Back in July I had a visit from the team from “Live”, the IKEA Magazine for IKEA Family members. They were the best! For three days we talked, laughed, worked, re-arranged and shot my home. I had a blast.

Lina Ikse shooting my home for IKEA Live

It’s a ten page feature, complete with ideas and shopping guide, on how to make a compact, quirky and colourful home for a creative family. And it turned out absolutely lovely! I am quite proud and honoured to have been part of this. And I’m chuffed that it shows an actual, real home for real living people. The styling was done gently, lightly and with great respect for who I am and what my home is about. I can honestly say that the feature reflects my views on family life, creativity and building a home.

Lula's bazaar's home in IKEA live winter 2012

I have done it before, this opening up my home for the production of a feature but this is I believe the biggest job I’ve been part of. There’s a certain sweet irony to the fact that I, the messy girl, ended up show-casing my home in magazines and on line. If you ask my family I think they find it slightly hilarious. I never was much of a Suzy Home-maker; I was way to busy with my creative endeavours to be the sort of person who maintain a spotless home. Just to prove my point I give you a few behind-the-scenes pictures……

In this particular case there was another secret to my staying calm and unstressed when preparing for and doing the shoot.

I relax the day before the shoot

Luckily I don’t stress too much over appearance. This is me a few days before (maybe even the day before) the IKEA photoshoot.

out of view of the camera

One of the things you learn to appreciate is the fact that there’s a limit to how wide the camera’s angle is! Mess, things waiting for the next shot, leftover lunch, is only visible when the lens is pointed directly at it!

doll house furniture to be built during breaks

Shooting a small home with two girls involves quite a lot of waiting. This is what they did during breaks. I pulled it out of my magic sack. I have a small secret stock of gifts and things to pull out when the heat is on. The girls participated the last two days – and they were brilliant!

The girls playing peekaboo in bed


And the secret? A few days before I had met the man of my life! I was in love. HIGH on endorphines. Shooting up sunshine………