There’s a scene in High Fidelity I’ve always loved; the scene where Laura goes through Rob’s list of top 5 dream jobs. He’s a dreamer with all his lists and regrets. She’s the realist and a do’er. When she’s done with his list she’s identified his number five dream job as the one he doesn’t really want (and the others as impossible because of time, since he has spicific time brackets for when he wants to be a music producer/rolling stone journalist, or other practicalities) and replaced it with the one dream job he actually has; owner of his own record store.

Sometimes the path to your dreams are obscured by the mere fact that you are dreaming. And sometimes you need the clarity of other people’s view of your dreams and your paths. I am fortunate to have people in my life that patiently listen to my meanderings on topics such as “what do I really want” where am I going” and how do I get there”. But the real fortune is that they also have the gift of clear sight. They go through my proverbial list and cross out pointless and far-fetched ideas that obscure the clear sight of my path to where I’m supposed to be.

Sometimes all the need to do is look at me. Or drop a subtle remark as a reminder. And sometimes it takes a lot more than that. But the reality is that I need these pointers and hints now and then to rinse my palate so I can taste the sweet taste of future and appreciate the flavours of the here and now.

motivational poster, find your true dream

When I feel stuck in the belief that my dreams will never come true or that I can’t even see my dreams any more, I know it’s often time to do instead of dream. I need a kick in the butt, a gentle push or a crude provocation to get started. And I’m thankful for the kicks, pushes and provocations that come my way.

When I’m alone and no one is around to kickstart me I just need to pass my fridge to see this:

I always wanted to be...

Keep dreaming. And don’t forget to do, too.