It gets dark so early around here. At noon I started shooting some pretty leaves and withered flowers I found when I walked the dog this morning. I was going to play around with them against different backgrounds to see how I could play against the monochrome colour scheme of the leaf and flowers. I could see it all in my mind. The black seeds from the flowers against the concrete of the stairs or the white glossy kitchen floor. But I lost light to soon to even begin to unfold the ideas and explore the colour palette. There has been no sun today; just dark and grey clouds and a few drops of rain.

On days like this my home makes me happy!

Vintage bird figurines in soft pastels

My home is full of vibrant, happy and bold colours. I have made concious choices when it comes to styling my home. I have gone for a fun and playful feminine vibe that uplifts my soul on a darker day like this one. The colour scheme has slowly evolved over the years but somehow it all ties beautifully together, thus making even my clutter look good. I tend to gravitate towards vibrant colours with a slight warmth to them. I do think a lot about contrasts and juxtapositions. I love creating little clusters of seemingly unrelated objects.

Sticking to your preferred colour scheme makes even your mess look attractive and in place. This pink key strap doesn’t stand out when forgotten on the dresser instead of tucked away in the drawer where it’s supposed to be.

Contrasting colours bounce off each other but still marry well when they have the same colour temperature or lightness. Here the watery powder blue and soft teal objects stand out in front of the vibrant yellow.

To create a setting in your living room that makes your heart skip along happily despite the grey outside make sure to choose objects that mean something to you. Heirlooms, gifts and little souvenirs are perfect for creating a warm and summery ambience.

This cute little group of birds contains a parrot with light and a little grey bird I have inherited from my grandmother, a white bird vase I found at a flea market and a spray-painted bird given to me by a friend. The group is tied together by their likeness (in appearance and material; birds made of porcelain) and their colour scheme.

If you want to create that same kind of warming and playful feeling in your own interiors, here’s a few tips:

Go for a playful colour scheme and stick to it!

Group objects that carry significance and convey a certain feeling to you.

Think of contrast to keep everything bouncy, vibrant and edgy.

Edit and remove things that don’t mean anything or doesn’t fit the overall look you want to achieve. Put those things away in drawers, cupboards or boxes.

Have fun and stay warm!