Moving to Sweden from Denmark four years ago I had no idea that the move actually cost me my rights to vote in my own country. The Danish law says that not only do I have to be a Danish citizen to vote – I also have to reside on Danish soil to maintain the rights to vote for parliament. I have lost the rights to vote in Denmark.

But I didn’t obtain the right to vote in Sweden either since I’m not a Swedish citizen. For four years I have been standing outside the green, green pastures of democracy. I had no idea how closely knit the right to vote and the sense of citizenship were for me.

voting is sexy get up and go!

It’s election day today. Though there is no way I can affect the outcome of the presidential election in the United States I will watch closely, cheering President Obama on, keeping my fingers crossed.

I hope the Americans vote for progress, for the future and for the better.

If you have the right to vote, get up and do it! It’s one of the privileges of democracy that shouldn’t be neglected or thrown away.

Happy election-day, folks.

The iconic poster by Shepard Fairey.

Oh, P.S. and a bonus:

Here’s a sweet little soundtrack for today. I love Lisa Mitchell and I thought “Clean White Love” was a perfect soundtrack for this beautiful November day. I mean, she does sing about November 6th…..