Happy halloween. I say that knowing that I’m not much of a halloween person myself. When I worked as a teacher I somehow managed to dodge any attempt to getting me involved with halloween activities at the school. But this year I’m the bonus-parent part of a halloween party at my boyfriend’s son’s school. And I want to do good. So last night we cooked up these creepy fingers. They’re meant to be dipped into a bowl of steaming hot tomato soup aka blood soup with maggots.

creepy halloween food

bread fingers for halloween

We used the recipe for a simple grissini dough, scored the thin bread sticks at the joints, cut almonds in halves and stuck them on as fingernails before baking them. We made them when we cooked dinner anyway and took the opportunity to have a cosy chat in the kitchen – mainly about our children. There, I said it! Some things don’t change, even if you are not the biological parent to all of them. I wonder what we’ll talk about on date night this Saturday.

making bread fingers for halloween party