I have lived here in this flat a little more than two years. It’s small; 60 m2, and I have had to adjust the layout several times to fit my life and my circumstances. Yesterday, sifting through my photographs, I found several shots of the living room the way it looked when I first moved here. It just goes to show that even a small-ish space holds numerous options when it comes to furnishing and decorating.

Living room now

living room then

Living room then


and then

I went from very light and airy to jam-packed with function. Visually I prefer the first lay-out. But that was back when I didn’t have to store all the stuff from the shop in my living room. And when I didn’t have a bed. I realised after a while here that not having a room of my own, a bed room with a proper bed put me down. I slept on the sofa bed, which quite frankly was OK. It just felt so sad, somehow. So I traded off the big, grey sofa and made a small office space and hauled the bed up from the basement storage room and turned the living room into MY room. I has worked out fine. The only thing is that I miss having some space. And doors to shut. If I were staying here I would definitely be ready for some de-cluttering.

Living room now

grey sofa in living room

Living room then

colourful bed in living room

and then…

But what I like about all three different interiors is that they all answered my needs and my personality at the time. I look at the photos and feel happy because I stayed true to myself. Because I disregarded conventions about the “proper” way to do a living room.

I have lived here, breathed and felt happy; bursting with joy, and I have gone through some of the hardest times of my adult life. This was where I went when I moved out of the apartment I had shared with my ex for a while after our separation. I have grown here and made it to this point where I am moving in a new direction, into a new life with the most amazing man and his son and my daughters.

I am grateful for this space and for what it turned out to be.

You can explore more of the changes and turns this little home has taken during our two-year long love affair here.