Curling up on the couch with dog and books

It’s autumn. Now the nights are cold and dark and sometimes it feels like darkness has leaked into the light hours too. Some days are muddled grey blocks of undefinable matter. The greyness seems tangible. That’s when I like to curl up in the corner of the couch and get some reading done.

Some days reading most of all means browsing blogs, on-line book stores and magazines  searching for inspiration. I’m in transit in my life at the moment and what better time is there to change gear and outlook.

Today I stumbled upon photographer Mikkel Vang.

I found him via the ace camp website. And while I dream on going to one of the camps this summer – preferably Mikkel Vang’s photography course in Gothenburg I pre-ordered a book he has photographed: Rethink: the way you live.
It is written by Amanda Talbot and here’s what amazon has to say about it:

Rethink: the way you live is a book to inspire and challenge. Our world is changing quickly and so are we, adapting to accommodate new social and environmental behaviour. Do you grow your own food, reuse and recycle, source quality products instead of big-name brands, or take time to craft rather than purchase? You’re already part of the global trend. In different corners of the world, people are reviving age-old methods, redesigning their homes and communities to blend with modern life. Rethink: the way you live reveals the ways we can weave creativity, sustainability, quality and technology into our life and home. Join the global movement. Key points: image driven with hundreds of photographs from all over the world; internationally renowned author Amanda Talbot brings together emerging global trends into one inspiring package; beautifully designed, photographed and written.

Keeping my fingers crossed. And will keep you posted!