When I moved to my little flat in Malmö two years ago I had to do quite a bit of tweaking to make it work for me and the girls. It’s a small flat of 60 square metres but the layout is perfect. The kitchen is the heart of the home and the first thing I did was to completely gutter the kitchen and start all over. When we tore down the old units they had labels on the side stating that they had been put up in 1975.

In other words; a refurbishment was about time!

Old kitchen before refurbishment

Gutted kitchen - blank canvas

Taking out the old kitchen really opened up the room. Suddenly it seemed so much bigger and it was easy to see the potential I had fallen in love with at the beginning. I spent some time planning the whole thing, dreaming up colour schemes, layouts and functions for our new family room.

We are all fond of cooking so for me it was essential that the kitchen had en open, workshop-like feel to it. I wanted to incorporate certain industrial elements to emphasize the fact that a kitchen is most of all about function. It was given where the sink would go so I worked from there. I wanted as much workspace as possible and I also wanted to make use of the hight of the ceilings to create as much storage as possible. I also wanted to add some quirky, colourful and vintage-y details to personalize it. I set the overall theme of the kitchen to be boho-industrial.

Once I had that mapped out I started the detail planning. I went for an IKEA kitchen because of the endless possibilities to adjust and mix and match. I was gravitating towards some free-standing steel units and wanted to mix that with white high-gloss kitchen cabinets. The idea was to make the fixed elements of the kitchen versatile and easy to tweak to different tastes by accessorizing. Knowing that I was not going to live there forever I wanted to put my mark on the kitchen through things that could easily be changed. I started of with a white base, open steel units and warm oiled oak counter tops to soften the look. The orange smeg was the focal point (here’s a post about the colours in the kitchen and why they are what they are) and every colourful detail added since then is easily changeable.

Here’s how it looked from the get-go:

Kitchen before decorating

And after a little while:

Kitchen in the evening

And now it looks like this:

Boho-industrial kitchen

The point is that it is easy to change this kitchen to accommodate another taste. Change the coloured knobs, replace or paint or tile the back-splash, accessorize with steel, white porcelain and black and you have an entirely different kitchen with a sleek, contemporary feel to it.

At the moment my home is for sale. I am well aware that my style is not for everyone. I just hope that this post shows that it is easy to adapt this room to another taste. And that the whimsey is in the detail!