Lego man office

One of the questions I get asked a lot is: “how do you design a home to accommodate two tastes?” Looking around my home it is sort of obvious, I guess that I have had the luxury to only make a home for my own taste. I admit it is quite whimsical and feminine, and purposely so! I have been as playful as I wanted to with no-one else to take into consideration when I designed this home. It’s been a blast. And now I have taken the first steps towards sharing a home with some-one again. My home is for sale, and I am looking to move back to Copenhagen and move in with my love. A new era is about to begin!

My black LEGO pirate ship….. I know it’s not exactly decorative or pretty. But it is very important to me. It’s important that our home also has room for the nerdy, playful side of me.

That’s what he said in the car. We had just stopped at a factory outlet and shopped Moomin mugs for the entire family (the girls already had one each, now we can all drink from moomin mugs if that tickles our fancy). At the shop it was clear that I gravitate towards the more girly, whimsical stuff whilst he has a more “clean” and minimalistic taste. Seeing that led to the talk about what is essential to each of us when it comes to a shared home.

The LEGO-remark was not really a surprise to me. Nor does it shake my confidence in the future fabulous home. It actually makes me happy! The way I see it, he will be so much more willing to accept my quirks when I embrace his. The ship has been sitting in the window sill at his place for a while. I think it transcends it’s function somehow. It might not be pretty. But it’s a symbol of creativity and playfulness and a valuable reminder. So if he wants it around, I think it should stay. It looks sort of awesome next to the candlestick I brought into his home. And I’m thinking there’s nothing a trip to Hay or Normann Copenhagen can’t fix when it comes to storage and display. We’ll find a way to make room for both of us.

He generally has great taste and I don’t really see any dark clouds in the horizon – neither in life in general nor when it comes to creating a home together. I think we will compliment each other very well. I am confident that our shared home will be wonderful. And I am certain that it will be different than this one!

LEGO man in bathroom cabinet

All this came into mind when I opened my bathroom cabinet on Monday and discovered that there was a new resident in there. Office-boy the LEGO dude. Left behind when it was time for a week apart, my love in Copenhagen and me here. It made me smile and it made me feel connected. I only got slightly worried when I got a text message later that day suggesting that there might be more LEGO dudes lurking about somewhere in the house. The invasion has begun. And it’s so welcome!

My number one tip when it comes to decorate for more than your own taste is: make room for surprises! Make room for the surprise of finding out who your partner is. Make room for the surprise of finding out who you become when you’re with your partner. And make room for the things you never thought you would.

To keep you sane and on the right path during the process you might want to plan a bit in advance. I’m sure we will. We talk a lot, feeling each other up to see where we can go. And I’m sure we’ll be jotting down dream-words and filling in action-words, just like it says in the free e-book I made on how to create a colourful home that works and makes you happy. It’s 5 steps to plan and create a home that makes you feel good, complete with a mini-workbook to help you through. Get the e-book here.