Nimis signs

Saturday we decided to visit a state we had never been to; The state of Ladonia. We packed the dog, some home-made potato pizzas and the camera and went on the road. Even though my dad had been there a few weeks back and talked excitedly about it, I had no idea it would be as amazing as it turned out to be. Ladonia is a micro-nation surround a gigantic sculpture, Nimis built by Swedish artist Lars Vilks. It is well hidden at the foot of Kullaberg in Skåne.

Once you find the track hidden behind an old farmhouse it’s marked here and there by yellow N’s and arrows. At this point it said 0,5 Km but it felt longer. A lot longer since it was one long climb down to the rocky beach. That was fun!

foot on rock

We got directions at the top from the artist, not knowing it was him at first. The bodyguards and their ear pieces gave him away. My dad met him too. Apparently he’s there very often to check on his work and his state. He’s in his late 60s. No wonder he looked so fit.

Going down the path to Nimis

The entrance to Nimis. It’s built with 160.000 pieces of wood joined with hammer and nails. This was the point where I chose to put the dog in the backpack. She was not too keen on it in the beginning but soon she sat quietly observing the strange scenery we climbed through.

Dog in backpack at nimis

I loved every step of this walk. sitting on the rocks in the cool autumn air, looking at the massive wooden structure against the magnificent rocky shore gave me goosebumps. There was something very powerful and insisting about the frail wood clinging on to the rocky slope.

Nimis at the sea

details and tower at Nimis

On the way back we played with the dog in the golden autumn leaves, hugged stones in an ancient stone circle and held hands and kissed a bit. It was perfection!

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