Kitchen window from outside

They say that beauty is on the inside. And generally I agree. But when it comes to windows the outside tells a story too. I live on the ground floor in a house sitting in the middle of a private courtyard with only myself and my neighbours passing. One of my favourite things is walking up to the front door and catching a glimpse of my colourful kitchen through the windows. I love how the colours pop even from a distance and it makes me happy to think that that kitchen is mine.

However, I also need to filter out the gazes of the random passer-by. I need a bit of privacy too. That is why I love to decorate my window and windowsill in different ways. At the moment I have a few colourful paper lanterns hanging from a branch at the top of the window and a mini herb-garden in the window sill. I love to pick fresh herbs for my meals in my windowsill. I love the scent released when I softly touch the leaves. I love the way the sight of the greenery in the window affects the way I think about food and meals. My herbs remind me to cook fresh, healthy balanced meals more often. It reminds me to eat green, organic and veggie-based food.

herbs in kitchen window

My current windowsill also makes me think of growth. Of how important it is to stay in touch with things that nourish my soul and feed my imagination and creativity. I see the green leaves as a reminder of the fact that I am my own gardener, the person in charge of making my garden and my life grow and be beautiful and lush.

kitchen window with herbs

The point of all this is not to make your windows pretty for your neighbours or the people passing by. The point is to make it pretty for you – for your inspiration. Use the herbs you like to eat and if you don’t like fresh herbs, just use flowers instead. Or pretty rocks collected at the beach or figurines from your grandma or a pile of books that strikes a chord in you. And when it does that all is well.

And that’s all it takes to show on the outside that you are beautiful!

kitchen window

Three things you can do right now:

  • Choose one of you windowsills and make it you power windowsill of the month. Clear it and clean it.
  • Make a still-life in your window that makes your heart sing and you remember where you want to be. Pick out a few favourite objects and plants that convey that feeling. Arrange them in the windowsill so they’re pretty both from inside your house and outside. If you live in an apartment building higher then say four floors, you have to decorate for the random superhero that might fly by or for the birds or the neighbours in the building next to yours. In that case think more about what might grab attention if you just looked out the corner of your eyes. You probably won’t ever see your own window from the outside but use your imagination anyhow. Karma, you know!
  • Find something you want to hang from the top of your windows. It makes your windowsill still-life more vibrant and fun. It adds to a boring view from your window and it creates a sense of boundary.

Three ways to twist it:

  • Colour-coordinate. Pick your favourite colour and make your window with that in mind. Use different shades and remember to spice it up with different sizes and shapes to the objects you use to create a lively vibe to your window.
  • Go thematic. Choose a theme to work from. Choose a theme that means something special to you. Good themes are themes like ‘nature’, ‘movement’, ‘love’, ‘carnival’, ‘art’ ‘creativity’.
  • Make it personal. Turn your windowsill into a miniature shrine that celebrates a special part of your own or your family’s history. Use objects that has a special meaning for you.

Don’t forget that the windowsill gets lots of light which may cause objects displayed there to fade. Choose plants that can handle the conditions your windowsill has to offer. Ask your florist if in doubt. And have fun! Loads of fun.