I’m back in my little nest after some days spent with my love in Copenhagen. I live across the bridge, in Malmö, Sweden. It’s only 40 minutes by train from where he lives, but somehow the fact that there’s a border between us makes it feel like a very long journey. That and the fact that it’s expensive to travel between two countries!

It’s safe to say that I am not cut out for long-distance relationships. I miss him intensely and I miss sharing those little everyday details, miss the morning kisses and the mundane chores, and the feeling that a quiet room sounds just so much more warm and beautiful when you share it someone you love. So for now I travel back and forth, live the same sort of life my girls do; one week here, one week there.

The only thing is that when I’m away from home I miss my own stuff, my things and my colours. And when I get back home I am struck by the impact my colourful home has on me. It makes me feel beautiful, empowered, alive. It makes me thrive and feel happy. And it’s not a coincidence. I have purposely created a home that sings with the colours I love.

Take my kitchen, for instance.

kitchen in magazines

I have literally built it around my orange smeg fridge. That fridge was the first thing I bought after the break-up with the girl’s dad four years ago back in those turbulent days when I struggled to make sense of it all and land on my feet. We split our apartment in two and I had an old kitchen to decorate. And in the maelstrom of emotions I knew that it was key to create some new settings that were me – settings that nourished me and made me feel stronger.

I have had a thing for smeg fridges for a long time and had one in our old house too, so I went to the smeg showroom. And there they were, all lined up and looking pretty. Smeg fridges in all sizes and colours.  I liked lots of the colours and hadn’t really thought of orange. But then and there I felt an immediate pull towards the orange one. I made my heart sing. It made me feel strong. It made me feel like I would survive, I would land on my feet, stronger, wiser and more beautiful and grown-up. And I did.

me besides my smeg fridge

Often, when I pass the fridge I caress it’s rounded edges and drink in the vibrant colour. I take it as my daily vitamin. And I’ll be sad to leave it behind when I move but it’s also time now for something new. It’s time for change!


I’m selling my home

Here’s how the fridge looked in the old apartment

Here’s how my kitchen looked in the beginning

Here’s a feel of how my home looks with a different styling than now