newspaper pompom hanging in window

Newspaper pompoms

Around here September and October is one long row of birthday parties. Both my girls are born in the fall as is big parts of my family. Luckily we all love a good birthday party and this year the girls wanted to make these fun and easy paper decorations for Ulrikkes 9-year birthday party. While we we at it we made a little DIY tutorial  to show you how easy it is to make them. Johanne did one with pointed petals, Ulrikke did one with straight, uncut petals and I did one with rounded petals.

Music from “Music for everyday adventures”

Music from “Music for everyday adventures”

Easy-peasy, do like this:

You’ll need

  • 6-8 newspaper pages
  • scissors
  • string

Fold your newspaper pages “harmonica style” into a strip at the width of approx. 3-4 cm

Tie a long piece of string around the middle of the folded strip

Cut the ends of the newspaper strip in a rounded or pointy shape – or leave the as is for a ruffled look

Gently peel each layer, one at a time, towards the centre. Turn the strip when you have peeled back half of the pages and repeat on the other side

Tie a loop on the string and hang.


If you don’t have newspaper that suits you fancy you can use any kind of thin paper like tissue paper, paper napkins, pattern paper or air mail paper if you can find some.

Make the pompoms small or big, many different shapes to the end and use different colours string to get a fun and funky look to you party decoration. This is done in no time and leaves you time for more important things like rest before the party or mix a cocktail to enjoy before the kids arrive.