With two girls in school our life sometimes seems to be a constant stream of birthday parties. This weekend Johanne was going to a friend’s birthday party and she wanted to make the present something special, since her friend Alma is very dear to her. She came up with this:

Girl holding birthday brioche against retro pruple wallpaper

She had bought a cute pair of earrings that she wrapped in tin foil and hid inside the brioche. Then she decorated it with tiny toothpick flags made with narrow strips of masking tape cut into shape. To finish up she put it in a beautiful box we had sitting in the cupboard waiting for a perfect occasion such as this to come out. Et voilá: customized birthday present…..

A few tips if you want to try this at home:

  • only attempt to hide stuff that will not melt inside a cake or a bun. We made sure that every part of the earrings were metal
  • wrap carefully in tinfoil to prevent any leaking of any kind. If you want to try this with cupcakes or muffins you have to make sure that the wrapping is tight to prevent the dough to leak into the package.
  • place brioche in a greaseproof paper cup. Brioches contain loads of butter!
  • Warn about the content before someone takes a bite.